Company Profile

Excotron is a software developer enterprise.

Starting from scratch 9years ago, a young team of developers realized the needs for custom software development to fill the market gap. Now their creation provides reliable services and easier life for hundreds of companies all over the world.

Excotron is a software developer enterprise. We now have more of our corporate clients presenting our products in all continents.

The company is divided into tree departments: Develop Support and Marketing.

Our Develop team is constantly growing but also includes the core that made the first step in creating our great software.

The Support that Excotron provides to its clients is one of our greatest achievements. Over the years none of the e-mails we received remained unanswered. Every single post and request has been processed, discussed, tested and answered with care and responsibility.

The Marketing Team is responsible for presenting our products to the world. Every commentary made about any of them is being taken under consideration. The sales section takes care of all transactions concerning buying the products. All international transfers are managed through Share it. .

That’s why we now have a lot of them working together for the customers of Excotron


We know that our employees and their teamwork are the key values to our success. Not only the qualification of each employee is important, but also the ability to work together and focus on the target.

To achieve that, we constantly INVEST in the education of our employees and offer an international working climate, where new ideas and views are always welcome and appreciated. Our consultants have a profound know-how in the environment that we offer - combined with specialized knowledge from different industries - the best conditions for an ideal solution.

Quality of Service

Excotron is known for its quality services provided for various clients across various domains. In order to maintain the same level of satisfaction with our existing and future customers, we do follow certain standard guidelines; a few of them are listed below:

  • Highly skilled and expert dedicated resources on turn key projects.
  • Adherence to the Clients’ IT Strategy
  • Priority processing of Clients’ Technical Support Requests
  • Performance appraisal of each key task performed by respective teams
  • Feedback from all our valuable customers for improving our services.


Wherever you operate, whatever issues you need to discuss, you can contact the team 24/7/365. No exceptions.